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The Client
and the Goal

Unicleva is an online community with an array of users around the world. The unicleva website is one aimed at uniting clev(a)er minds by the means of internet forums cutting across several subject matters. It’s for the smart, It’s for you.  

Unicleva people

Begin the Journey into yourself with unicleva.

Unicleva prides in interactions,discussions and engagements as a way of finding one’s self in a big world. From having conversations with people of different culture and opinions, you will find yourself somewhere on the road.

A Bespoke Digital Product for Cleva Conversations.

An immersive User Interaction design for new age users, seamless on-boarding and great overall experience for a global stage.

Topnotch Connecting Platform with messaging.

The best of communities are ones not only where we have forums but with the ability to connect with others, rub minds on personal grounds and make things happen in twos. We integrated a follow feature on unicleva with a messaging platform. It’s what you’ve always loved to see

Remote working made simple connects working professionals to productive workspaces outside of their office environment preferably close enough to their homes