Bringing Healthcare to every Doorstep

As a matter of human dignity, everyone is entitled to health care. Like any basic element of life, health care sustains us and should always be accessible and affordable for everyone—where they need it, when they need it, no exceptions and no interruptions.

Pharmbuddee seeks to make pharmaceutical consultations and medication access easy for every African Home.

We ensured this commitment to lives inspired and directed the user interaction of the digital product we built for Pharmbuddee. 

User Interface for a good experience.

We developed a responsive website for the brand focusing on a high end user interaction and quality display of all visuals as we ensure a seamless integration of all the website functions . 

Sections, Pages, Wireframing

Pharmabuddee is positioned to change the narratives of healthcare delivery across africa and the brand identity reflects this as much as the high end website we developed for the organization

Digital Art and Photography

The website was built with a mixture of stock photos and pictures the Telioce team took. We also designed illustrations and icons for different sections of the Digital property.

Remote working made simple connects working professionals to productive workspaces outside of their office environment preferably close enough to their homes