Everyone wants More

An Identity for everyone in everyplace , designed to be as clean as whistle, colors that make you salivate, and a logo good enough to eat. The Telioce team went above and beyond to create a deliciously fresh and colorful identity at More Bakery and Cafe.

What More looks like

Enthusiasm is the yeast that raises the dough – Paul Meyer

The Identity mark is built on the dough . Beyond a tale of fine flour, the brand aims to leave an experience of MORE on the lips of anyone who would dare to go for the More. A well tailored and calculated typography to typify what the brand stands for in this fascinating look of increase.

The Pattern is a big tray to serve more than just doughnuts and baked good, but much more an experience that will live on the lips of anyone who would dare to go for the more. You can serve anything in this tray; Doughnuts, Cake, Coffee but beyond that, this big tray will serve love, passion, and ecstasy to everyone. You have tasted dough before, this is More

Both Baking and Branding are art.

Take a good look at life and it’s all about colors and food. More branding is full of ecstasy and honey. You have seen brands that lifts mood and makes you salivate,but this is more

Sense of Detail

A rich and coherent identity must not neglect any detail. From business cards to flyers, and let’s not forget the essential face mask for the COVID-19 era, More Bakery follows you everywhere and brightens up every touchpoint!

An Instagrammable Brand

More would like to be present with you everywhere, follow everything, see everything, be interested in everything and multiply the communication channels to keep in touch our citizens and learn more about them. Instagram, Spotify, Youtube, you can always have more.

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