A brand that takes care of your eyes

Telioce x Hushoptics, 2019

Putting a stop on the blue light for everyone

Basically, it’s the unforeseen long-lasting and hazardous results of screen times.

Children need protection. While we do our best to protect our kids from all dangers of the “real world”, we hardly know about the dangers of the digital world. And I am not talking about internet crime here.

Screen time is still and will always be on the rise and though we already spend a significant amount of time on our smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops, this amount will most likely increase and have its effects poking in the future. Our children are exposed to digital devices from very young ages, so long-term effects will only show in years to come. You want to know what’s so dangerous. THE BLUE LIGHT!

Artboard 7

Not all Heroes wear capes, some only have cases.

More than just

We created an identity that is more than just frames and spectacles, It’s pain relieved, headaches gone, mental health enhanced and improved quality of life. Be on this side of a clearer future with Hush Optics as we block the blue in style

Hush OpticsArtboard 12

Hush Optics' online Presence is a Goal

Great and responsive businesses and organizations are the ones that consider all the touch-points of the brand, leverage on the differences and anticipate the need for consistency in an ever changing world.

We incorporated online the visual identity we created offline,not just consistency in the brand guidelines and values, we ensured a seamless and topnotch user interaction design and development.

Hush Optics is a Goal !

Remote working made simple

Remotely.ng connects working professionals to productive workspaces outside of their office environment preferably close enough to their homes