An Adventure with Chicken and Fries.

The founder of Chiqkin, Mathieu, is just as obsessed with chicken and chips as we are with branding. If someone who makes chicken comes to us to take care of the store concept for his chicken and fries restaurant, we will be completely happy.

The fresh concept started from the curiosity to discover the secret recipe of chicken and fries . Mathieu convinced us of his strong vision and well-considered market approach. After a thorough insight through a few conversations and of course a few delicious meals, we joined forces for this much appreciated project.

The brand’s transformation went from conversations, questions and queries to the drawing board and straight to a visual identity ready to thrive.


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Branding Designer
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Chiqkin is an experience

Branding is not just about a nice logo, great and responsive businesses and organizations are the ones that consider all the touch-points of the brand and leverage on the differences and anticipate the need for consistency in an ever changing world.

We incorporated online the visual identity we created offline,not just consistency in the brand guidelines and values, we ensured a seamless and topnotch user interaction design and development.


Branding Chiqkin’s online presence also proved to be an effective action. This branding was made in co-creation with client, where transparency and client-centric experience were the main focal points. The design for the website and social media became a perfect line extension for the restaurant.

Remote working made simple connects working professionals to productive workspaces outside of their office environment preferably close enough to their homes