Helping Africans think Outside the Grid.

Utilising renewable energy has been made easier by harnessing the power of the Sun. Blueflash , an industry leading firm in renewable energy has empowered hundred of Homes in Africa to have sustainable power supply.

The Team at Telioce partnered and worked with the brand to create a lasting identity with global appraisal and impact.

The Goal of the Identity design was to in a breath meticulously combine the brand elements and values.

a unique mark for sustainable power.

In a world of much noise, brands struggle to gain attention of their numerous clients or potential customers hence the need for a brand or business to stand out from the crowd with a unique, relevant and easy-to-reckon and remember identity.

We crafted an Identity for Blueflash using elements such as light, solar panel elements and shields, these elements are closely related with what the  business has to offer and her commitment to helping communities and homes have sustainable and constant power supply. 

Assets for good positioning

Brand Assets are of high importance to the credibility and functionality of any business. They often times form the primary impression to the audience and if properly executed can promote brand loyalty.

brand identity design nigeria
BlueFlash ltd card
BlueFlash ltd ID

Talking to the world; the e-Blueflash

We took the amazing identity and value offline to create a unique, converting and solid website for the business. A brand’s website speaks on its own. We optimized and ensured a good user experience through out the website. Sections were given special attention to ensure an overall value and portray the excellent service Blueflash offers

Remote working made simple connects working professionals to productive workspaces outside of their office environment preferably close enough to their homes