The Colour and Culture of Art

The brand’s transformation went from the drawing board to a clear visual identity. We carefully crafted a unique identity for the academy, the minimalist and modern attribute of the brand was well infused and creatively executed.

The Academy identity represents the perfect combination and use of major art colour in its essence and proportion. Custom Typography was used to craft out the name while the pattern was created from art elements 

Brand Assets and Collateral

Brand Assets are of high importance to the credibility and functionality of any business. They often times form the primary impression to the audience and if properly executed can promote brand loyalty.

Focus on what matters

The goal didn’t change, we incorporated online the identity, pattern, values of the brand that were designed for offline purposes. The website was primarily aimed at exploration and registration for new students all over the world.

We assisted in the User Experience and Interaction brainstorm and design, wireframing and Content Management System development for the Addeh. 


Remote working made simple connects working professionals to productive workspaces outside of their office environment preferably close enough to their homes