User Experience & Interaction Design Course

The next big thing !

This class covers the core concepts and skills necessary to excel in user interface/user experience design as well as key techniques in this space.

After taking this class students will be able to create user interface design with great user experience designs for mobile application, web application, smart wearables, as well as UI/UX designs in the Vehicles. If you are a graphic professional who wants to go into UI/UX design, this course is also for you!

  • Starting your UI/UX design career
      1. What is UI Design?

      2. What is UX Design?

      3. Why is UI/UX Design so important

      4. UI/UX Deliverables: What does a UI/UX designer actually do?

      5. What skills do UI/UX Hirers look for in an Applicant.

  •  Design elements and principles
    1. Colours
    2. Typography
    3. Layout and composition
    4. Hierarchy and others
  • Top strategies to help you tackle UI/UX design projects
    1. Human Centered Design
    2. What is Design thinking and why is it so popular/important
    3. Activity-centered Design: Interaction Design Approaches
    4. Understanding users behaviour
    5. Learning More about UX Design Strategies
    6. Design Systems
  • Building your first UI/UX design
    1. Stages in the interaction design process
    2. User research
    3. Pros and cons of conducting user interviews
    4. Personas
    5. User flows and wireframes
    6. Prototyping and user testing
  • UI/UX Designs
    1. Recreating Designs
    2. Search for 2 Apps with bad UI/UX and Redesigning
    3. Review the App
  • UI/UX Project
    1. Final project assessment 
    2. Examination

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Why Telioce

At Telioce you are offered the best training practices. It is a blend of education and exposure as you get to work with industry experts on both hypothetical  and real life brands.

You will love the work culture as we provide a stress-free work environment and ensure everyone is on page. 

What you'd get

  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • 6 Months Post-training mentorship 
  • Course Materials
  • Free wifi

All Courses require the student to come with his/her personal computer, and payment in installments is not available. Refunds would be made if improper conduct is noted. Terms and Conditions would be in the student Manual

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