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Brand Identity Design covers the theory and practice of creating brand identity design products.

A brand is expressed in a system of tangible items that fuel the recognition of that brand. These items will typically have a strong identity that separates them or makes them stand out from the crowd of brands on the market.

The emphasis in this course is for students to learn brand strategy and what it takes to Zag or be very different and to by practice learn how to create design projects such as logos, print ads, stationery, business cards, that support and enhance the brand with the aid of various graphic applications.

You will also learn how to bring design ideas to life. To ensure you enjoy and optimise the learning experience we will create mock scenarios that will require you build brands from scratch.


Module 1: Adobe Applications,

Module 2: Zag – Brand Strategy,

Module 3: Do-It-Yourself Brand Design – Mood Boards and Style Guide Module, Creative Brief,

Module 4: Designing Brand Experience,

Module 5: Individual Creative Identity Projects,

Module 6: Brand Identity Design Package

Learning activities

Performance will be measured by exercise, test, and special projects. Exercises offer practice and preparation to increase the skills it takes to make better design choices. These exercises ultimately instruct students how to produce and create a wide range of products that support an identity. The projects and products may include logos, print and digital ad design, business cards, stationery, forms, and more. Image manipulation with the use of the appropriate application will also be covered. Testing will be over the knowledge learned in the various chapters of the course book. Special projects are a display of advanced knowledge

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Know the many theories that are the foundation of visual and/or graphic design. 
  • To learn various methods of creating brand identity products such as (but not inclusive of all) logos, posters, ad design and campaigns, greeting cards, and more which will be useful for personal and/or commercial publication. 
  • Learn what differentiates or sets a product apart from others.
  • Know how to draw up a brand strategy, client brief and design strategy.

Course Goals

  • Students will develop career and communication skills in the area of graphic arts communication areas of research/communication, project management and collaboration, design, and professional print production using graphic design tools. 
  •  Students will understand how to create a brand strategy and how the supporting brand identity system is created. 
  • Student will develop several projects using Adobe CC which will include Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and more to develop graphics, build layouts and print materials. Students will use Adobe Acrobat to review and improve content, produce print-ready materials, and develop your portfolio. 
  • Key skills that will be emphasized are: A. Interviewing and responding to feedback B. Designing for a variety of audiences and needs 
  • Problem solving that helps to build and create a brand 
  • The design process and effective communication 
  • Peer teaching and evaluation in a collaborative environment 
  • Technical manipulation and print publishing skills 
  • Design a brand identity system

Pay for the Brand Identity Design Course

Why Telioce

At Telioce you are offered the best training practices. It is a blend of education and exposure as you get to work with industry experts on both hypothetical  and real life brands.

You will love the work culture as we provide a stress-free work environment and ensure everyone is on page. 

What you'd get

  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • 1 Month Post-training mentorship 
  • Course Materials
  • Free wifi

All Courses require the student to come with his/her personal computer, and payment in installments is not available. Refunds would be made if improper conduct is noted. Terms and Conditions would be in the student Manual

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