I won’t lie – consistency was hard!

Dorcas – Founder, More Cafe and Bakery dropped by Telioce the other day and we had a little chat that we decided to put to writing because she dropped some gems for business owners.

Hello, Dorcas!

Highlight your business, what the idea was, how any joint ideas we had were effected in your business?

I started my business as Donut Burg. Initially, I juggling the business with a 9-5 and other things. So over time, I thought instead of restricting myself to just doughnuts because the name was kind of limiting. What name can I use?

So yeah, I did pray about my name and I got the name “More” . The idea behind More is not just a bakery, I actually hope to run it as a social enterprise. I really want to use it as a platform to help young individuals to learn a skill and be independent. They are not just learning a skill. They are learning about leadership, mental health, mental space and things they can do to be a better version of themselves.

So yeah, Telioce came on board in my design because I didn’t have an idea how the logo would look like. That’s the honest truth and I must say that you guys did a good job, a great fantastic job interpreting it for me and it made a whole lot of sense. I love the color, I love everything about my design, it was really awesome. The interpretation – it was a different ball game. I like the typography, the scaling. How the logo went up (gesticulates), then down; it really communicates.

How do you feel working with Telioce to execute your business ideas?

 I would work with Telioce over and over and over again.  It feels like the synergy between you guys and myself is really really awesome. You guys just always get me sha. I don’t have to stress. And stress is one thing I’ve experienced with some other designers I’ve worked with.

All I have to do is write what I’m thinking in a brief and you guys always interpret it and that is awesome. That is a God-sent gift. (Laughs)

What you have to say about start-ups, any advice? 

What do  I have to say about startups?  Stay consistent. I have to say that I struggled with consistency. It doesn’t have to be a whole lot but just put in the little that you can and watch it grow. Rome was not built in a day . Stay strong – little drops of water make a mighty ocean. As an entrepreneur people do not get to see the behind-the-scenes, the struggles that you face, the doubts. I’ve doubted myself over and over again. I’ve struggled. I’m still working on myself but I believe in consistency. Your intentions towards goals, your vision- you should always keep it in front of you. so that acts as a driving force to get where you want to be.

The sky is the limit. Don’t get carried away with what other people are doing. Do your own thing regardless. Yes, look at how the world is doing it,  but stand out. Be unique, diversify if you need to.  Just stand out, be true to yourself and keep the vision and goal in front of you, always!


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