Enticing your Clients into a Purchase: Step by step

It’s always a painful experience to see a prospect go without making a purchase. Especially after weeks of pitching, convincing, and follow-ups. The best way to get around this? Great sales funnel management.


Why a Sales Funnel is Vital


A sales funnel gives you insight into the attitude of potential customers at every stage of the purchasing journey and this will, in turn, give you directions on choosing the right marketing channels and messaging to convert merely impressed prospects into purchasing customers.


It also enables you to charge the worth of your product without bothering about losing customers.The sales funnel stirs up a desire for your product and makes customers recognize their value. When worth is recognized, no price seems too outrageous at the decision-making stage.


Stages of a Sales Funnel


This stage is where your prospects first get to know your products or services through advertisement, social media, or even from people.

Your marketing and sales ability determines whether they move down the sales funnel or not.



Here, the prospect begins to develop an interest in your brand. You need to focus more on the leads in this stage. After evaluating the problem they need to solve, given the information they have about your brand, they begin to compare your brand with other competitors just to ensure your offer is the best and most suited solution.



The prospect is seriously considering purchasing your product. Your marketing skills are required to seal the deal during negotiation. You’ll have to keep convincing your prospects. Give them reasons to go for your offer instead, you could even offer them discounts to sway them into making a purchase. Note that buying hasn’t taken place here.



This stage is where you have successfully converted a prospect into a customer by ensuring they pay for your product.


Repeated Conversion

Every business owner likes to see their customers coming back for their products.

Here, your clients recognise something unique that you offer them and keep coming back to make a purchase.


Brand Loyalty

Customers, having experienced optimal satisfaction over and over again from your brand, become loyal to you. They now have so much trust in your brand and decide to stick to it. They could even refer you to people.


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